5 Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

5 low-cost ways to spruce up your home If you are still reeling from Christmas and want to spice up your home (to sell or just because) without breaking the bank, your Fishers Realtor has some cost effective ways to do just that!  Here are 5 low-cost ways to spruce up your home!

1) Give your front door a facelift.  Simple things like buying a new doormat or by putting a pot of flowers by the door or using a seasonal wreath.  If you are feeling something bigger, paint your front door!  Did you know that you can buy tester cans of paint at places like Home Depot?  For about 10 bucks, you’ll have enough to paint!

2) Upgrade your finishes. Switch out door knobs and/or cabinet pulls in the kitchen for an instant update! If you are wanting to spring for a bigger fix, think about replacing faucet fixtures as well… especially if those fixtures are brass.  That instantly dates your home!

3) Buy new sofa pillows and curtains. If your sofa pillows have been there, done that, simply getting new ones will completely change the look of the room!  The same with curtains.  Not only will it change the look of the room, but if you have particularly heavy curtains, buying lighter ones make the room feel bigger and brighter!

4) Buy new towels. For staging purposes, this is a great, low cost option! Buyers don’t want to walk in and see mismatched, faded towels hanging.  If you are planning on staying, nothing feels better than good towels!

5) Use scent.  Put out a bowl of potpourri or scented candles!  Seasonal smells like cinnamon/peppermint in winter, pumpkin/apples for fall, beach for summer and floral for spring are all great ideas.  Another option is to get one that smells like cookies to give the buyer an ‘at home’ feeling as they walk in the door.

There you have it! 5 low-cost ways to spruce up your home! If you are in the market to sell your home, contact Fishers Best Realtor today!


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