Fishers Will Add Roundabouts to 96th Street

Fishers will add roundabouts and lanes to 96th Street What was once Indianapolis’ hidden gem, Fishers is growing in popularity and it seems that everyone is onto our (not-so) well kept secret!  Fishers is a safe, wonderful place to raise a family.  Fishers is conveniently located to everything. Fishers continually has great events going on.  So, what’s the problem? Well, nothing yet.  And Mayor Scott Fadness wants to keep it that way!  That’s why Fishers is focusing on the 96th Street Corridor.  Over the next three years Fishers will add roundabouts to 96th Street.

There are currently three phases to this project.  The first will be adding a Roundabout at Cumberland Rd and 96th Street.  This will happen later this summer and the project is estimated to cost $3.5 million dollars.  The second phase will be adding a Roundabout at Lantern Road.  This project will start in 2016.  There will be a federal grant of $2.41 million with an additional $1.78 million from the city.  The last project will be widening 96th Street from Lantern Rd to Cumberland Rd in 2017.  The federal grant will be $5.6 million and the city will pay $1.9 million.

There is also a potential 4th project.  If Hamilton County decides to cover $1 million of a bridge that will be along the Lantern Rd to Cumberland Rd stretch, Fishers will use those funds to repave 96th Street (which, I think we can all agree, would be great).

One of the neighborhoods that will be most affected by these projects and expansions is Covington Estates.  This ultra popular neighborhood (so popular that there are currently 0 homes for sale), is comprised of about 200 homes built in the mid 1990’s.  The homes are mostly 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and sell for $250-300,000.

If you would like more information about these projects or would like to buy a home in Fishers before the action starts, contact Fishers Best Realtor today!


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