Top 5 Reasons to Use a Realtor

So you are ready to buy your home in Carmel or sell a home in Fishers but you aren’t sure whether or not you want to go at it alone or to hire a Realtor.  While I have full confidence that you could handle it on your own if you had it, why do it?  It’s my job to take care of all of the details so you don’t have to!  In fact, here’s my Top 5 Reasons to Use a Realtor!


As I said, it it my job to know everything about the areas you are looking at.  It is a Realtor’s job to know how each neighborhood is doing in the market, which ones are popular, have the best resale values, etc.  I can tell you commute times, school statistics, what’s around, amenities in the area, and more!  All of this is invaluable when searching for your next home!

Are you selling a home? Realtor’s have to know what marketing tactics work best. And, again, I have the information for how your neighborhoods sell, what homes near you have sold for, whether your home needs to be staged, etc.  These are all things that matter when selling your home and selling your home can be emotional, so let Carmel’s Top Realtor take care of the logistics!

Maybe you are new to the area, if you use Carmel’s Best Realtor, I have a relocation tour and packet that is jam-packed with information to make Indianapolis feel like home immediately!

Database of Homes

Realtors are constantly checking our databases to see what’s on the market.  Realtors have access to homes that haven’t even hit the market yet, from our wide network.  Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of access without having to lift a finger?  In addition, the Marchant Team sets up automatic searches, so that as soon as homes hit the market, you are made aware!  There is also a Keller Williams app that pulls up the information of homes you see while you are out and about.  Better yet, you can contact me directly to set up showings and get even more information!

Ready to look at some of the houses we’ve researched?  When using a Realtor, setting up showings are a breeze and we can go look immediately!


Who do you call to get your home inspected? What’s the best mortgage company? I have questions about the Purchase Agreement… where do I go? What’s a fair offer?  There are a lot of questions, T’s to cross and I’s to dot, and a Realtor is there to answer those questions and make sure every step is checked off.  If you were to go with me as your Realtor, I’m a 24/7 kind of person, so I am always available to answer any and all questions.  More importantly, I am there to put out every fire that comes up.

Negotiating Skills

This is crucial when buying or selling your home.  I am an Accountant by background, so numbers are my friend. It is not a challenge for me to discuss pricing/net/closing costs/interest rates/etc.  I am the Rocky of the Real Estate world.  I just want to go back in one more time to make sure you get the best deal and I will keep fighting for you!


I have been in this business a long time. Experience is priceless in this business. I have seen it all. For example, using an escalation clause in a multiple bid situation is likely going to guarantee you get the house! There are countless other examples of things I have learned to make sure my buyers get their dream home and that I can sell my clients home when it’s time for them to move on.

I am also your advocate.  When I walk into a home, I’m not looking at it from an emotional standpoint.  In reality, it’s not where my kids are going to run and play or where my husband and I are going to cook dinner and talk about our day.  While it may not seem like it, you need someone with an objective point of view.  I look at the functionality of a home, I am checking the ceilings, the base boards and even the inside of the oven.   I know how to tell if a home is well taken care of and whether there are issues to address.   This frees you up to imagine where your kids are going to play, how the furniture will lay out, what color to paint, etc.


So There you have it.  The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Realtor!   Knowledge, database of homes, Accessibility, Negotiating Skills and Experience.  If you are ready to buy or sell a home in Carmel or Fishers, contact Carmel’s Best Realtor today!


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